Michael Camplin

Michael Camplin

Vice President of Global Asset Management and Expansion

Michael Camplin is the Vice President of Global Asset Management and Expansion at CannTrust where he plays an instrumental role in The Company’s future growth in new markets.

Michael came to CannTrust as the General Manager of Operations at The Company’s Perpetual Harvest facility in Niagara, where he has led its expansion effort and helped secure Phase 3 development. Michael has works with and supports his team of cultivators who continuously working towards innovation and new product development.

Prior to CannTrust, Michael spent his 20-year career at GGS, a commercial greenhouse structure company focusing on creating grow environments for produce, floriculture, nurseries and cannabis growers.


Since 2013 CannTrust has been delivering standardized products that enable physicians to provide accurate dosage to patients, similar to pharmaceuticals, all while rapidly building capacity and capability to expand into new categories.


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