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Does CannTrust have a Code of Ethics?

CannTrust’s Code of Ethics can be found here.

Does CannTrust have a policy on Insider Trading?

CannTrust’s policy on insider trading can be found here.

How can I get access to CannTrust’s financial statements?
CannTrust’s financial statements can be found by searching CannTrust Holdings Inc. at CannTrust’s financial statements can also be found on our website at
How do I vote my shares?

Unless you have otherwise opted out, you will receive a Form of Proxy in the mail prior to the Annual General Meeting. The form will include instructions detailing call-in or online voting. Please ensure your vote is cast before the deadline outlined in the form.

When is CannTrust’s fiscal year end?

CannTrust’s fiscal year ends on December 31.

How do I receive copies of your news releases?
Please visit our CannTrust Newsroom at to stay up-to-date on the latest CannTrust investor developments.
How do I receive copies of your newsletter?

Email to be added to our mailing list for the latest updates.

What percentage of the company is owned by insiders?

As of April 12, 2018, 23% of CannTrust Holdings Inc. is owned by insiders.

Is there a lockup on these shareholders?

In order to facilitate an orderly transition to becoming a public company, the founders and insiders have entered into a voluntary lockup that sees the shares released over time.

How many shares are outstanding?

There are 106+ million shares outstanding.

Who do I get in touch with for potential analyst research coverage of CannTrust?

If you are interested in covering CannTrust Holdings Inc., please send us your inquiries to, and we will direct them as needed.

Who do I get in touch with for potential media/interview opportunities?

For all media/interview opportunities, please contact

Who do I get in touch with for potential business collaborations or possible acquisitions?

For all potential business collaborations, please contact

Where can I find information on open positions at CannTrust?

Our careers page with current openings can be found here:

Why did CannTrust commence CCAA proceedings?

The CCAA filing provides CannTrust with an opportunity to restructure the company by managing the financial obligations and liabilities that have developed over the past year as a result of our regulatory, legal, and other challenges.


Our recent financial challenges have been the result of three things: (i) our current inability to generate revenue as a result of the partial license suspensions imposed by Health Canada, (ii) a number of class action claims filed against the company, and (iii) the current disruption of global capital markets and the recent downturn of the Canadian cannabis industry. The CCAA process provides CannTrust with the breathing room necessary to manage these challenges.

How long will the process take?

As is typical in all CCAA filings, the Ontario Superior Court of Justice granted CannTrust a stay of proceedings for the maximum period permitted on an initial application of 10 days, after which we will seek an extension of the stay for an appropriate period of time to allow us to complete our remediation activities, to be in a position to resume operations and to resolve the claims against the company.


During the CCAA process, CannTrust will continue work on completing the remaining remediation activities at Vaughan and will submit the evidence package to Health Canada. We will also continue work with Health Canada to resolve any remaining compliance issues, with a view towards reinstating our licenses.

Who will be running the company during the CCAA process?

The existing management team will continue to manage the business, subject to the court order issued to commence the proceedings (the “Initial Order”) and the overview of the Court and the Monitor.

Will the company return to production and sales?

We expect to emerge from this process a stronger, more financially healthy company, in a position to once again provide high-quality products to patients, health care practitioners and customers.

What is the status of CannTrust’s licenses?

In a news release on August 6, 2020, CannTrust has confirmed that licenses for its Vaughan Manufacturing Facility have been reinstated. This follows confirmation of license reinstatement for the Fenwick Perpetual Harvest Facility, announced on May 31, 2020.

While the Fenwick facility is already fully operational, the Vaughan Manufacturing facility will now begin the process of restoring full operations imminently.

What is the Monitor?

The Monitor is an officer of the Court whose responsibilities include assisting the company with its restructuring and reporting to the Court on the status, progress, and matters relating to the CCAA proceedings. Ernst & Young Inc. has been appointed as Monitor in these proceedings.

The Monitor has established a dedicated e-mail address ( and hotline (toll free: 1-855-224-0800 or local: 416-943-2091) for these proceedings. 

How do I get a copy of the court materials filed in these proceedings?

Court materials will be posted on the Monitor’s website, at

For all other inquiries, please email


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