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CannaTrek is a licensed cannabis producer focusing on low-cost, high-quality medical production in Australia, developing complete vertical integration with a similar business model.

Partnership Structure

CannaTrek benefits, leveraging CannTrust’s expertise in:

  • Greenhouse development & cultivation.
  • Call centre, detailing HCP.
  • Access to intellectual property and know-how.
  • Import of plant materials and finished product.

CannTrust benefits:

  • 19.8% ownership stake in CannaTrek 
(ability to maintain equity stake up to and including IPO).
  • First right of refusal on offtake for significant supply of low-cost product.
  • Access into Asian markets due to proximity and relations with Australia.
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  • Immediately following legalization in October 2018, CannTrust announced its partnership with Breakthru Beverage Group to develop our retail channel. Breakthru’s wholly owned subsidiary, Kindred, Canada’s #1 beverage alcohol distributor, represents CannTrust’s cannabis products to the Canadian adult consumer market, deploying a state-of-the-art route-to-market platform for CannTrust’s adult-use brands.
  • Our partnership with Kindred has allowed us to hit the ground running with 18 salespeople in the nine provinces where we have supply agreements, utilizing their proven business model, sales technology, infrastructure, and extensive relationships across Canada.


Since 2013 CannTrust has been delivering standardized products that enable physicians to provide accurate dosage to patients, similar to pharmaceuticals, all while rapidly building capacity and capability to expand into new categories.


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