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CannTrust encourages safe and responsible consumption of our products by medical patients and legal age recreational consumers. To this end, we support laws that make underage sales and purchase of cannabis illegal, as well as the effective evaluation of impairment specific to cannabis in order to keep our communities safe.  

CannTrust is the only licenced producer that brings more than 40 years of pharmaceutical and healthcare experience to the cannabis industry. It is this heritage in healthcare that is the foundation of our commitment to act as a trusted and responsible member of our community and put the health of patients, consumers, and members of our community first.

Our commitment to safe use is demonstrated through our investments in industry leading research in the areas of pain and neuromuscular disease, which will evaluate both the effect and safe dosing of medical cannabis.

CannTrust is committed to the implementation of practices and regulations to ensure the safety of Canadians as members of industry organizations, such as the Cannabis Council of Canada.

CannTrust’s products are intended for medical patients and legal-age recreational cannabis customers. Cannabis must be treated with care, consumed responsibly, and kept safely out of the reach of children and pets.

Both medical and recreational users of cannabis should start low and go slow.

Parents wishing to learn more about cannabis should visit here.

For access to the Government of Canada’s cannabis education resources, please click here.


Since 2013 CannTrust has been delivering standardized products that enable physicians to provide accurate dosage to patients, similar to pharmaceuticals, all while rapidly building capacity and capability to expand into new categories.


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